LTO 8 Tape Media is Back

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PMD Magnetics has been busily selling LTO 8 tape hardware to a wide range of industries requiring secure offline storage and archive. 

In late 2018 the supply of LTO 8 tape media ceased to be available for purchase, causing global shortages for this much in demand latest generation. LTO 8 media is a vital component in the data storage chain.

PMD Magnetics have continued to support its customers through the shortages with a ready supply of LTO 7 and M8 LTO 7 tape media (9TB). Customers have made sure that business operations have continued and no data has been left exposed to loss during the difficult period.

The great news for existing and prospective LTO 8 customers is that the LTO 8 media is back in production! PMD Magnetics will soon have back in its warehouse LTO 8 tape media ready to supply existing and new customer requirements. The wait for LTO 8 media will soon be over.

Keep in contact with PMD Magnetics sales team for further developments and pre-orders using the email address below for LTO 8 tape requirements.

We of course sell every day other LTO media capacities LTO 4, LTO 5, LTO 6, LTO 7 and very soon - yes the famous LTO 8. Click here to view the LTO range.


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