EDP Multimedia Extreme High Density Media Storage

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The Multimedia Extreme high density media storage system, provides high density storage for various formats of media tapes in a minimum foot print area. The Multimedia Extreme system consists of base units and optional sliders for increased storage capacity.

The Multimedia Extreme media storage system can be configured to store a single media type or a mix of different types of media in the same rack via specially designed, media-specific storage pacs. As the need for more storage capacity arises additional slider units can be added to the base racks, increasing media storage capacity by up to 80%.

Optimum Storage Flexibility

Optimal storage flexibility is available through a variety of removable and interchangeable, injection moulded Pacs. Pacs hold between 7 and 12 cartridges, depending on media type, in individual slots to prevent damage and provide a flexible and durable, space-efficient system. The pacs attach to evenly spaced slots in the uprights allowing for a mix of media pacs in the same rack. Start with base racks, which can be ganged together, and increase capacity with optional slider units.


  • Available in single-sided format for attaching to a wall or in double-sided format for creating aisles.
  • Base units are 6 pacs wide, and between 8 and 16 pacs high, depending on the media being stored.
  • Slider units are fitted with Delrin wheels for easy, quiet movement.
  • The standard spring-assisted brake system allows for smooth, easy operation and has adjustable tension for operator preference.
  • An optional hydraulic brake system is also available. The slider becomes neutral at the end of a row. As a result there is no drag and the slider can be moved back in the opposite direction without any resistance.

    Multimedia Extreme Sizes

    • All racks are 2,083mm (82”) high and 1,559mm (61⅜”) wide.
    • Single sided base units are 241mm (9½”) deep.
    • Double sided base units are 391mm (15⅜”) deep.
    • Sliders are 165mm (6½”) deep.

    Multimedia Pacs:

    • 3570 Magstar Pac
    • 8mm Ten Pac
    • 4mm Ten Pac
    • CD-ROM Ten Pac
    • Optical Ten Pac
    • DLT Seven Pac
    • LTO Eight Pac

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