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Like its predecessor, LTO 6, LTO Ultrium 7 employs BaFe (Barium Ferrite) magnetic particles that Fujifilm successfully put into commercial use for the first time.  In addition, a capacity as high as 15TB (6TB native capacity) or 2.4 times larger than before has been achieved through optimization of material design through measures such as an “even application of magnetic particles”.  A huge amount of data can be stored with less media than hard disks or previous generations of LTO, making it possible to create space saving storage.



  • Fujifilm LTO 7 WORM Storage capacity up to 6TB per tape (15TB at maximum compression)
  • Fujifilm LTO 7 WORM Data transfer speeds of up to 300MB/s (750MB/s at maximum compression)
  • Fujifilm LTO 7 WORM Supplied in individual polycase (SKU: 16495661)


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