SanDisk Professional SSD Pro-Blade Transport Enclosure - USB-C


Pro-Blade Transport Overview

Get the ultimate workflow SSD when you pair multiple, powerful SanDisk Professional Pro-Blade SSD mags with the Pro-Blade Transport enclosure for up to 2000MB/s read and write speeds.

The Pro-Blade Transport device enables you to easily swap out Pro-Blade SSD mags so that you can carry several terabytes of storage without excess bulk. Mount the Pro-Blade Transport enclosure to your compatible camera rig for USB recording directly to the Pro-Blade SSD mag, enabling longer takes and faster offload times for an incredible workflow while on set or on location.

Key Features

Assemble Your Ultimate Workflow SSD
Load the Pro-Blade Transport enclosure with a Pro-Blade SSD mag in capacities up to 4TB for a superfast portable SSD delivering USB-C (20Gbps) transfer speeds up to 2000MB/s read and write.

Innovative Modular SSD Ecosystem
Tap into the exceptionally versatile SSD ecosystem that lets you easily swap out Pro-Blade SSD mags to scale the storage you need in an instant whether you’re in the studio or on location.

Ultra-rugged Portability with the Pro-Blade SSD Mag
Included PRO-BLADE SSD mag delivers 3m drop and 4,000lbs crush resistance for on-the-go reliability.

Amplify Your Carrying Capacity
Carry as many terabytes as you need without the bulky gear when you pack multiple lightweight Pro-Blade SSD mag devices to load into the Pro-Blade Transport for the ultimate portable workflow.

Sustains its Cool Under Pressure
The Pro-Blade Transport enclosure features a cooling aluminium heat sink to help sustain superfast transfer speeds through more demanding workflows.

Get Longer Takes and Faster Offloads
Attach a Pro-Blade Transport enclosure to your USB-C compatible camera rig for high-res recording directly on to the loaded Pro-Blade SSD mag. Simply swap between SSD mags to keep rolling without interruption.


    • Interface - SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps | 20Gbit/s (USB 3.2 Gen 2x2)
    • Data Transfer Rate - Up to 2000MB/s read and write
    • Size (L x W x H) - 5.13 x 2.82 x 0.63 in | 130.4 x 71.5 x 16 mm 
    • Compatibility - macOS 10.13+ | Windows 10+ (via reformat)
    • Warranty - 5-Year limited warranty
    • Capacities:
      • 0TB - SDPM2NB-0000-GBAND
      • 1TB - SDPM2NB-001T-GBAND
      • 2TB - SDPM2NB-002T-GBAND
      • 4TB - SDPM2NB-004T-GBAND

      Box Contents

      • SanDisk Professional Pro-Blade Transport
      • Pro-Blade SSD mag (1TB - 4TB capacities)
      • USB-C (20Gbps) Cable
      • Quick Start GuideSanDisk Professional G-DRIVE SSD

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